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(Episode 6) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

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.marvmuhd223 days ago
(Episode 6) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

Melanie: “No” she wailed. Dele had no soothing words for her, he was also afraid, that it would be Sheila’s body.

Dele: “I know you want to go back right now and confirm your fears or doubts, but whatsoever state your sister is in right now, dead or alive, she needs you, and her best friend is key to all these. So I think we should proceed on our mission for now” he said soberly, willing to turn the car around if she wanted, because he was also eager to see things for himself.

Melanie: “Let’s go ahead” she said painfully, as she stifled the sob that threatened to burst out of her.

Melanie knew Inyene’s house because her sister had taken her there on one of their sleepovers. Melanie remembered the day like it was yesterday. That day was Saturday, and she usually stayed in and read a novel, after her usual workouts. She was in her room, immersed in a novel from John Grisham; she liked this author because he wrote Law novels, she loved the profession, and told herself that if she hadn’t fallen in love with physics, she would have been a great lawyer.  So she was reading the novel and smiling to herself when her sister walked into her room, wearing a funny looking pair of pantaloons, with a crop top showing her pierced navel.

Melanie: “Where are you off to looking like a ninny?” she asked playfully.

Sheila: “Hey, I don’t look like a ninny!” her sister replied, feigning anger.

Melanie: “Alright sweetie, where are you off to?”

Sheila: “Off to a fitness club, it is their picnic day and we going mountain hiking, you are the one obsessed with fitness, come on, let’s go”

Melanie: “Fitness obsessed huh, if I had your body, I wouldn’t be. By the way you aren’t dressed right for hiking”

Sheila: “You are beautiful sister, beauty is not being slim. I wish I had those huge ass like yours. Nevertheless, this is what I am wearing, I am more concerned with the rich dude I am going to land, more than the hiking” she replied, winking at her sister.

Melanie: “Sheila, you know you don’t need these men, I make enough to serve the both of us. Besides, you can work; you have a degree in Mass communication”

Sheila: “Dating these rich guys is not about the money, but the lifestyle. I have made investments that pay me well; I also get modeling gigs every other day, so sister it isn’t about money. Come on , dress up”

Melanie quickly dressed up in a pair of skin tight sport pants with a fitting long sleeve top to match, and a pair of hiking boots. When they got downstairs, Melanie was appalled to see Sheila’s skinny girls all sprawled everywhere in the living room.

Melanie: “We going with them?” she asked incredulously.

Sheila: “Yes maami, the more, the merrier” she replied as she smacked her twin sister on the butt.

They had gone for the picnic and Sheila had flirted with all the big men in the fitness club, she was especially endeared to one dark, tall man, he was middle aged and handsome. His eyes were all over Sheila, and he seemed to be intoxicated by her. After the picnic they had gone to Inyene’s house where they had a sleepover and came home together the next morning.

Melanie sobbed the more, she didn’t want to believe that she would never hear her sister’s singsong voice again, or have her smack her butt. She put her face in her palms and cried.

Dele: “We are here” he said and Melanie raised her head. She forced herself out of the car, even though her legs felt like lead. They walked up the short driveway to the front door and knocked.

Dele: “Police! Open up” he said as he banged on the door. A woman opened the door.

Inyene’s mother: “Police? What has Inyene done this time?” she asked. Before them was a woman who was tired of her daughter’s many antics.

Dele: “We don’t know what she has done, I just want to ask her a few questions, is she home?”

Inyene’s mother: “She left home with her friend, Sheila yesterday and we have not seen or heard from her since” she said and looked at Melanie, quizzically, because Melanie was awfully identical to her sister, whom Inyene’s mother knew.

Melanie: “I am Sheila’s sister, and we are looking for her, her car was found, burnt, and and” she couldn’t continue, as she began crying again. Inyene’s mother just stared in confusion.

Dele: “Have you tried reaching her?” he asked.

Inyene’s mother: “No, this is not the first time, sometimes she goes for a week and we don’t know her whereabouts, but my God always keeps her safe”

Melanie: “Your daughter is not back since yesterday and you cannot know her whereabouts? What kind of a mother are you?” she blurted out. She was mad at the woman before her. She knew that Inyene was also raised by a single mother, and she was mad at single mothers who just let their kids do anything they wanted, her mother inclusive. Watching the way her mother behaved with Sheila, she had made a pact with herself, not to ever have a child outside wedlock; that is if she ever got around to marriage.

Inyene’s mother: “Don’t talk that way to me, young lady” she replied harshly, but Melanie did not miss the tears that gathered in her eyes. She didn’t blame single mothers; they did the most they could, given the circumstance.

Melanie: “I am so sorry madam. I am under a lot of stress right now, I am so scared of losing my sister” she said slowly, as the sobs choked her. Inyene’s mother hugged her, and stroked her hair.

Inyene’s mother: “Your sister is fine. All you got now is hope, keep hope alive” she admonished.

Dele: “Please madam, if your daughter contacts you, please let us know. She could be the clue to finding Sheila” he said and gave her his card.

Dele drove Melanie home, so she could intimate her mother about the state of things and also take a shower. When they got to the house, Bukky, the twins’ mother was pacing up and down, her eyes were swollen from too much crying.

Melanie: “Mother” she said simply and hugged her mother.

Bukky: “Mellie, what is going go? The media is buzzing with different tales, a body was found, and it has been confirmed to be female” she said as tears dropped from her eyes.

Dele: “That is why we are here, I want Mellie to take a shower and we can go down to the Area command and identify the body” he replied her.

Bukky looked at the man who called her daughter by a pet name and wondered what his role in her life was; Melanie told her everything, so she would have told her if she had anything to do with the man.

Bukky: “And who are you?”

Dele: “I am Dele, a police commissioner in charge of this case, and also a friend to Melanie” he said, and smiled inwardly because he understood the look on Bukky’s face. He wanted to assuage her fears and tell her that he wanted to make Melanie happy, not devour her.

Melanie went up the stairs two at a time, to her room, where she flung off her clothes, and rushed to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she wore a pair of jean trousers with a free polo top and sandals. When she got to the living room, her mother and Dele were sitting apart, each one lost in thoughts.

When they got to the Area command, Melanie and her mother were taken to see the body. There on the white slab, a chunk of body laid, burnt beyond recognition. Bukky let out a loud cry when she saw this.

Bukky: “This cannot be my Sheila” she said in a choked voice. Melanie just mourned privately, she was tired of crying, and she had to keep her head leveled, and search for her sister. And if Sheila was dead, she would find her killer, even if it was the last thing she did.

Dele: “Where is Forensic? I need a thorough examination of the body, teeth, fingernails, bones if possible. We have to identify the body” he said and his subordinates went to work.

Melanie: “I want to be involved in the investigation, I will be in the situation room if need be” she said fixing Dele a determined gaze. He looked at her and knew she was not begging him, she was ordering him, and when she ordered, he obeyed.

Dele: “Fine” he replied.

Melanie: “You have to be strong, someone will take you home, as for me, I have to find my sister” she said and kissed her mother.

Then she turned to Dele, and said;

Melanie: “We need to see her phone records”

Dele: “On it already, it shows that her best friend, Inyene was the last person she called, hours before the phone was used to call you” he said.

The wheels of Melanie’s mind began to turn, an idea was forming and she would get to its root.

Question: Will the examinations on the body, confirm Sheila’s death



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