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(Episode 5) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

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.marvmuhd223 days ago
(Episode 5) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

Sheila called the Police commissioner immediately; she had gotten his number in her line of work at NNPC. The commissioner was impressed with her brains more than her beauty, and they had fast become friends. He asked her out, but she refused, even though he was unmarried. Melanie, more than her sister, believed their mother’s tales of how men were not worth their time, how they only wanted their bodies and would dump them when they were done, so Melanie had never dated all her life. So when the police commissioner saw her call, he picked on the first ring, but it wasn’t her cheery voice he heard.

Melanie: “Dele, my sister, Sheila is… I don’t know what happened to her. Please help me” she cried into the phone.

Dele: “Where are you, never mind I will just track this call, stay on the line. I will be with you shortly” he said.

Melanie paced up and down, looking at the burnt car, she kept seeing Sheila, the way she used to sit in the driver seat of her favorite silver Honda car, with straight back. But now, she could see blood stains all over the driver seat.

Melanie: “Sheila, what happened to you?” she whispered to herself.

Within minutes, she could hear the wail of siren in the distance, and before long, two police Hilux were in sight. They cleared in front of her and Dele jumped out of one. He rushed to her and encircled her in his arms.

Dele: “What happened, babe?” he asked when she pulled out of the embrace.

Melanie: “I was home when I got a call from Sheila’s number; it was a man’s voice. He said if I loved my sister, I should come here immediately. On the path here I saw Sheila’s top, it was stained with blood, and now this” she broke down in tears. Melanie was always the strong one, the take charge one of the twins, but how could she be strong in the face of danger to her sister. Though they were different in so many ways, their bond was stronger than those of most twins, and Melanie couldn’t imagine her life without her sister.

Dele: “Your sister is probably in danger, but we can rescue her. I promise you that we will do our best” he said and turned to his men.

Police man: “What do you need sir?” one of his subordinates asked. Dele was the youngest commissioner in Lagos, but he was well respected. This was because, aside the fact that he was brilliant, intuitive, and thorough in his investigations, he was also humble and down to earth. His subordinates loved him, so did his superiors.

Dele: “I need us to spread out and comb this area, search for any clues, this is for the crime scene technicians, meanwhile I need someone to get this phone and get any and every data on it. Get to work, if she can be saved, we have to save her” he said in his take charge style.

Dele: “Some others should interview anyone around this perimeter, if they heard or saw something. These houses whose back are to this path, people in there, they could have seen something” he said and the police men went to work.

Melanie: “What can I do, I will go crazy sitting on my ass” she said hysterically.

Dele: “You need to pull yourself together, so that you can think clearly. Did your sister have any enemies?” he asked.

Melanie: “Sheila, enemies? Everyone loves Sheila. You have met her, could anyone hate her?” she asked, as she laughed and cried at the same time. Dele swallowed spittle, he wanted to tell Melanie, that there were people who could hate Sheila, as she was a definition of a b***h; she was snobbish, with her nose in the air, and her eyes were like a hawk’s, searching for her next prey. He wanted to tell Melanie, that the first time he met Sheila, he disliked her immediately. But he couldn’t tell her these.

Dele: “What about her friends, do you know any of them, who has the means to commit crime?”

Melanie: “I only know one of her close friends, Inyene” she said as she thought of her sister’s best friend. Melanie always felt like Inyene was a bad influence on her sister, but deep down, she knew that nobody could influence Sheila, she was her own person. Melanie slide her phone open, so she could call Inyene and ask about her sister.

Dele: “Don’t do it, don’t call her. We will go there ourselves, come on, I saw your car on the way, I will drive you” he said and guided her back towards her car. That was when hell broke loose.

A flood of reporters with their flashing cameras and microphones stormed the crime scene, taking pictures and sniffing around.

Dele: “What is this, are you all mad?” he flared up, with his anger unleashed. Everyone knew that Dele hated the spotlight. He solved high profiled cases and the media always wanted a slice of him, but he wasn’t cutting. But there was something he hated more than the spotlight, and that was reporters, especially when they contaminated his crime scene.

Reporter: “We got a tip that Lagos big girl, Sheila Aderigbigbe was found dead” the female reporter in her pencil skirt and big rimmed glasses said with a serious look.

Melanie: “Get out of here, you vultures, my sister is not dead. Get out!” she screamed as she pushed at them, she flung her hand at one, and the camera in his hand hit his mouth, breaking it. It was a field day for the reporters as they flicked their cameras getting as much pictures as they could of the hysterical sister and the angry Police commissioner.

Dele subordinates saw what was going on and one of them released a gunshot in the air, the reporters fled, falling and tumbling on each other. Melanie was shocked out of her mind, how could they conclude her sister was dead. She was scared that perhaps they were right.

Dele: “Do not pay heed to them; they would say anything to get a story, those vultures. We will find your sister” He assured them, but in his mind, he added “Dead or alive, we would find her”


Back home, Bukky was in her room, dressing up, she was anxious; she had called Sheila’s phone severally, but she was not picking, neither was Melanie.

Bukky: “This children, don’t kill me oh, I did not kill my mother” she said and felt a pang of pain when she remembered her mother, and the past. She lived with the guilt that she had single handedly destroyed her family. Getting pregnant out of wedlock and the accompanying shame, killed her father, her mother also died from so much heart ache. Her children, especially Melanie, had given her more than she ever gave her mother. The duplex they lived in was bought by Melanie, whereas she, Bukky, only gave her mother heart aches. She was pulled out of her inner musings by the television breaking news.

News Anchor: “There are unconfirmed reports that Lagos big girl, Sheila Aderigbigbe was found dead…” the new anchor said while pictures of Melanie screaming like a mad dog, with the angry Police commissioner beside her, was displayed on the screen.

The comb in her hand fell off, as she staggered into a chair; she tried to tell herself that this was not happening to her. She thought that God had forgiven her all her sins of the past, then what could she call this? She took her phone on the dressing table and tried once more to call her daughter, Melanie.

While Dele drove them to Inyene’s house, Melanie’s phone began to ring again, it was her mother and she couldn’t keep refusing her calls, especially after the incidence with the reporters. She looked to Dele for guidance.

Dele: “You should talk to her and calm her down, she has probably seen the news” he said as anger came in his eyes again; he was probably thinking of how he could strangle one of the reporters.

Melanie slide the screen to the receive button and put the phone to her ear;

Melanie: “Mama, don’t believe anything you hear on the media, Sheila is fine, she is just missing”

Bukky: “Don’t you be lying to me kiddo. Where is my baby?”

Melanie: “Mother, to be honest, I don’t know where Sheila is right now, but you have to calm down” she replied.

They argued back and forth while Dele drove. He felt piteous towards the family, but if Sheila was really dead, then where was her body. At that moment, his phone rang; it was one of his subordinates. He hurriedly picked, hoping there was a break in the case.

Police officer: “Sir, we have a body, but it is burnt beyond recognition”

Dele: “What!” he exclaimed. He quickly hung up as he saw Melanie hang up on her mother. She stared at him afraid to ask the question that was on her mind.

Dele: “They found a body” he said.



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