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(Episode 4) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

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.marvmuhd223 days ago
(Episode 4) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

Bukky’s mother: “The baby is not dead, but you have to be on bed rest so that she doesn’t have another crisis. This baby really wants to live, you should give it a chance” her mother admonished.  But all her mother said, entered one ear and left the other. Bukky had no will to live, more or less allowing another live. As she stared at the white lights above, she thought of different ways to die.

But Bukky knew that she had to make her mother believe she was no longer suicidal, so she cheered up, went to the market with her mother and smiled even when she could hear the snide remarks made about her. Her mother also thanked God that her daughter was stronger now; she was deceived by the smile Bukky pasted on her face.

One day mother and daughter were in the sitting room, trying to heal their wounds with a comedy video from, on Bukky’s phone when the door bell rang. Bukky got up to open the door, and her uncles and aunties brushed past her into the house.

Bukky’s mother: “Haba, my in-laws, what is going on here?” she asked, standing up. The four people who just entered sized her up, and then turned to Bukky to stare at her protruding stomach. They told Bukky’s mother that she was responsible for their brother’s death, that in spite of her refusing to give their brother a male child, she had also succeeded in killing him, so she could lavish his wealth with her daughter.

Bukky’s mother: “What wealth, don’t be fooled my in-laws. I built everything he has with him, he didn’t marry me from a poor family. My family is wealthy, and it was their wealth that made my husband. As for this house it is the church house, and they will be taking it away from us shortly. So if you have come to reap where you did not sow, you came in vain” she said and soon they were all shouting at each other. Bukky told herself that this was the perfect time to leave the house and commit the suicide she had planned all along.

In the melee, Bukky’s mother did not realize when her daughter left the house. Bukky walked to the bus-stop and boarded a bus, she knew where she was going to and she was on a mission. People shifted for the pregnant young lady, so she would be comfortable, she only smiled in return. In her heart, she told them not to worry about her and her baby’s comfort because they wouldn’t be living for long.

She disembarked on the Maza-maza Bridge, even though the conductor wondered why she was alighting at that place, seeing as they were yet at the next bus stop. He dismissed her, calling her a crazy lady, and the yellow and black stripped bus sped away. Bukky walked to the side of the bridge and without hesitations, climbed the railing and dove right in, into the water below.

As Bukky hit water, her life flashed before her eyes, she saw the baby in her womb for what it was; a blessing in disguise. She wanted to stop what she started, but it was too late, the water was gushing into her mouth and closing all her airways. Her lungs were on fire, and she could already smell death.

Bukky: “Dear God, forgive me and give me one last chance. I just want a second chance” she prayed, deep down in the recesses of her mind, as death gave her one fleeting kiss.

Luckily, there were fishermen around and they saw her when she dove in, so they dove right into the water to try and save her. They got her out, but by then she had already taken in enough water, her stomach was bloated and because of her pregnancy, they couldn’t press it to dispel the water. They call for emergency services, while they pressed her chest, and tried artificial respiration. When the ambulance came, she was still unconscious; the paramedics wheeled her into the ambulance and rushed her to the hospital.

At the hospital, a team of doctor went to work on her; they needed to save her because of her baby. People wondered why a young, beautiful girl such as her, would want to end her life, even when she knew another life depended on her. Another problem was that, they couldn’t find a way to reach her relatives, because she had no means of identification.

Bukky’s mother, after her squabble with her in-laws realized that Bukky was no longer in the house. Her motherly instincts told her something was wrong, but she remembered all of Bukky’s smiles and how relaxed she was in recent times, and concluded that Bukky would not commit suicide.

Bukky’s mother: “Not after she promised me she wouldn’t” she said aloud, as a way to quiet the grumblings of her mind.

However, not long afterwards, some members from the church came to see her, they had the same pitiful face, but this time, there was also guilt.

Bukky’s mother: “Are they already feeling guilty about how they treated us, well too late, I am never going back to that church” she said inwardly, as she looked each and every one of them, with defiance.

Pastor: “We are sorry about your daughter” he said and dabbed at his eyes with a handkerchief.

Bukky’s mother: “You say what?” she stood up abruptly and retied her wrapper. The women in the entourage held her, and tried to seat her down, but Bukky’s mother would have none of it.

Bukky’s mother: “Where is my daughter, Bukky! Bukky!” she shouted looking from left to right. They had to quickly tell her that Bukky was in the hospital and her attention was needed there. It happened that the news of the young lady who jumped off the Maza-maza Bridge had spread throughout the television channels, and everyone who knew Bukky’s family knew about the incidence.

After three days, Bukky regained conscious, and this time, she was willing to live, and this time also, her mother had no words for her, she was tired and spent. Bukky stayed in the hospital, throughout the period of her pregnancy. The doctors refused to release her, because this was her second suicide attempt, so they were not willing to take risks.

She was given the beautiful news, towards the end of the final trimester, that she had twins, twin girls.

Bukky: “Oh my God, I am never going to be alone ever again” she thought. She had already signed off men, one roll in the sack was enough to last her a lifetime, she had resigned herself to single-hood.

Despite the good thing happening to her, there was also bad news; her mother’s health was failing. Bukky’s mother had also come down with acute hypertension, she was in and out of the hospital, and even Bukky was not there to take care of her because she was bedridden in the hospital. It happened that, the day she went into labour, her mother had a hypertensive emergency with severe organ damage.

Bukky went through the labor process alone, and though she cried for her mother, her mother was not able to be with her because she was battling for her life. The delivery team tried to be there for her as much as they could, but Bukky was concentrating more on seeing her mother rather than bringing out her twins.

Nurse: “Your mummy is battling for her life as we speak, she wants you to be strong for her because you are about to be a mummy too. Your twins are depending on you, to bring them into the world” the nurse admonished her.

With that, Bukky bore down and pushed when the doctor wanted her to, as the twins tore through her, into the world, one holding the heel of the other. When the babies were put in her arms, she shed tears of joy, because she loved them immediately. They were two beautiful pink babies. Unfortunately, the day her beautiful babies were born, her mother passed away while in surgery, without seeing her grandchildren.

Present Day

Bukky wondered why one of her twin daughters rushed out of the house like that; She knew the routine of the girls like the back of her hand. Sheila who was the younger twin by a few seconds came into the world, holding on the heel of her sister, Melanie.

Sheila was free spirited and she saw her caged younger self in Sheila. Sheila was who she, Bukky wanted to be, but for the strict hands of her preacher father. Sheila went to parties, took risks and was never afraid of anything. Bukky always prayed in her heart that her daughter, Sheila wouldn’t get into a big problem in her search for adventures. She had learned to allow her daughters be who they wanted to be, they could learn their mistakes than the caged life she lived when she was their age.

Melanie on the other hand was more reserved; she loved books more than anything else. When they were younger, while her sister went for all the sorority parties, Melanie stayed home and studied.  She read anything that was in prints, and could solve Mathematics, no matter how complex.  She graduated from the University, top of her class, at 21. She was an engineer and she always made her mother proud. Where Sheila was trim, with an hour glass shape, Melanie was chubby. Where Sheila always had her b***h face on, Melanie was sweet and cherubic.

Melanie started her day with her video workouts and she kept at it for an hour. By the time she came down for breakfast, she was already dressed for work. But Sheila laid in bed all morning, eats breakfast in her room, then sleeps, or dance alone till she is tired. By the time she makes it down the stairs it was already noon, and the house was empty. She would breeze into her mother’s fashion shop, gossip with the elite customers and breeze out, while her mother shook her head, with a smile on her lips.

So, Bukky was never scared about her elder twin, Melanie, but she was always scared about Sheila. As she stood at the kitchen counter pouring tea from the jug into her mug, her heart beat faster, as she wondered why Melanie left the house, dressed like that. She was scared that something bad had happened, and the first person, her thoughts went to, was Sheila.

Bukky: “Sheila” she whispered, as fear overcame her.

Question: What happened to Sheila, is she dead



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