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(Episode 3) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

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.marvmuhd223 days ago
(Episode 3) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

Bukky’s father did not talk with his wife for days; he blamed her for Bukky’s pregnancy. She was the one who stayed with her at home and should have known when she was going astray. Bukky’s mother took the blame readily; she regretted not reporting Bukky to her father when the choir mistress had reported her absenteeism to her. She told herself that if she had done the needful, her daughter would not be pregnant now.

She tried to hide the pregnancy by tying wrapper on her daughter’s stomach, but it was too late, the whole church knew about the pregnancy. They made snide remarks at the ‘Holier than thou’ church mummy whose daughter was pregnant. This was because; Bukky’s mother was always judgmental, reporting the girls who wore skimpy clothes to the church, to their mothers. Sometimes, her husband would base his preaching on the ministers whose children were not in the right way, and he would use his daughter Bukky as a good example of what a minister’s child should be like.

Bukky didn’t even bother going to church, and her parents didn’t even want her there, because no matter how much she tied Bukky’s stomach, her face was all bloated and one didn’t need a prophet to know that Bukky was indeed pregnant.

So the board of trustees of the church called their honorable minister and asked him if truly, his daughter was pregnant. He was a man of God, and he couldn’t lie. Besides lying was pointless; he would only make a caricature of himself. So he replied in the affirmative. The next Sunday in church, the senior pastor announced to the church that Bukky’s father was on discipline.

Senior pastor: “He will no longer minister in the church because charity begins at home. A man that cannot take care of his household, how then can he take care of the Lord’s vineyard?” he said and that was how Bukky’s father career as a full time pastor was ended. Bukky’s mother didn’t know where to keep her face, everywhere she looked she saw pitiful eyes watching her. She and her husband left church after the close of service and never returned.

Bukky’s father: “Iya Bukky, you and your daughter have finally succeeded in ruining me. What did I do to deserve such shame? When the doctor said you could not get pregnant again after having Bukola, did I disturb you to have another child? No, I trained this one in school, hoping that she would be my pride and joy, and that you, her mother would be able to take care of her, being that she is just one. Were you also unable to take care of this one, as you weren’t able to give me another?” He lamented when he got home from the disgraceful service.

Bukky’s mother: “Please my husband, I am sorry. I have erred I know, let me make this right” she said, as tears flowed in a torrent, from her eyes. She had never felt inadequate as she felt now. She had known that her husband wanted another child, even though he pretended he was satisfied with Bukky, and now in the bitterest way, he told her of his dissatisfaction.

Bukky’s father: “Make this right?” he laughed a hysterical laugh, which sounded awkward to the ears.

Bukky’s mother: “Didn’t she say the young man wanted to marry her, he will marry her, now that she is in the family way. All we have to do is meet his parents” she said, as she tried to be hopeful, even though she knew that the situation was hopeless.

Bukky’s father: “Bukola, where is the man that is responsible for your pregnancy?” he asked, it was the first time he spoke o her since the hospital.

Bukky took her parents to the house where she usually met Ayo, but it wasn’t Ayo who came out. But Bukky’s father did not know this, he swung his hand in a punch, and it connected with the man’s mouth. His mouth broke and spurted blood. Even Bukky’s father knuckles were broken from the punch.

Bukky’s father: “So you had the guts to put my daughter in the family way?” he asked in anger, even as the young man looked at him in confusion.

Young man: “Haba, I have never met your daughter before, what kind of temptation is this?” he asked, looking up to the open sky as if he was asking God.

Bukky: “Ba mi, this is not Ayo. Please we are looking for Ayo” she said to the man.

Young man: “Ayo does not live here; he has a house in Lekki where he lives with his wife and kid. He only visits here, because this is where we lived together while at UniLag, he still has a key even, but this is not his house, and I am definitely not Ayo” he said that last line, giving Bukky’s father the stink eye.

Bukky’s mother: “Hay God, I am finished!” she wailed, unaware that her husband was slowly going to the ground.

Bukky: “Ba mi!” she screamed and rushed to hold her father, but his weight was much and they both fell to the ground.

Bukky’s mother: “Jesu, help me oh. Somebody help oh” she cried, calling on the neighbors around. Within minutes people had gathered, one man who was standing there, told everyone around that he used to see Bukky come to the house every time.

Bukky: “Please help us, I beg of you” she said in a pained voice. The man who was narrating to his neighbors brought out his key and some people helped carry Bukky’s father into the rickety Volvo.

They sped to the hospital, where the emergency unit tried all they could to resuscitate Bukky’s father, to no avail. When he was pronounced dead, Bukky’s mother just stood and stared at his lifeless body, it was like she was spent of emotions. Then she turned to her daughter and said;

Bukky’s mother: “You killed your father. Hope you have that on your conscience as long as you live” she said.

The church members heard of their ex-minister’s death and trooped to the house to give their condolences, but Bukky’s mother just sat stone faced, not saying a word to them.

In her heart, they were the real murderers of her husband; whereas the Lord had commanded them to love, they were on the outlook for people’s downfall. With their hypocritical and holier than thou lifestyle, they trampled on others like her husband. What was her husband’s sin, was it his fault that is daughter, who was 24 years of age, and able to think for herself, got pregnant? She wondered.

Bukky was battling with her own demons, she agreed with her mother when she said she, Bukky, killed her father. It was her who brought disgrace to the family, disgrace that he could not bear, all because she fell in love.

Bukky: “I curse Love! I curse you a million times, and you little wench, who told you I needed a child? You better get yourself out or I will get you out in the cruelest way, and I don’t mind if I die in the process” she said to herself as she sat in her room, crying over the death of her father.

When Bukky walked on the street, they pointed at her, they didn’t mind if she heard what they were saying, and Bukky became afraid to walk the streets. One day, she was in the kitchen boiling water for tea, when her eyes went to the dishwashing liquid. She looked to make sure her mother was not coming.. Then she took the dishwasher and emptied it in her mouth, She swallowed it, and waited for it to take effect. Sooner than expected, her stomach began to twist, like her intestines were tying each other and making a spring that could cut at any given time.

Bukky: “Mother!” she wailed in an agonizing cry that burst out of her when the pain was too much, and then she slumped on the ground.

Her mother had heard her cry, and rushed into the kitchen, she saw the empty dishwasher container and saw Bukky sprawled on the ground. She let out a wail and then ran outside to call for help.

When Bukky opened her eyes, she was bright lights and the smell of chlorine hit her nose, she knew immediately that she was in the hospital and alive.

Bukky: “Oh God, why can’t you just take my life” she sobbed quietly. Then her mother entered the ward, and hurried her steps when she saw that Bukky was now awake.

Bukky’s mother: “Omo mi, why do you choose to do this, do you want to leave me like your father did?” she asked.

Bukky: “I want to die, my life is already destroyed”

Bukky’s mother: “Don’t talk like that; I still love you regardless of what you have done. There is always a second chance my daughter” she said.

Bukky: “What of the baby, is it gone?” she asked anxiously

Question: Will the circumstances surrounding the child’s conception affect the upbringing



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